Quality, Service And Flexibility Since 1960!

Chain Fabrication

Albus Conveyors, Incorporated manufactures high quality, American made chain and conveyors for agriculture and industrial purposes throughout the country.

For almost 60 years Albus Conveyors, Inc. has remained at the top of the market while competing with some of the nations giant manufacturers. The reason - quality, service, flexibility and price.

All chains and conveyors fabricated at ACI are 100-percent American made. Every part of the chain is hand made and inspected.

ACI is also capable of manufacturing thousands of chain and conveyor combinations. This dedication of quality and service keeps costs down.

ACI handles the entire order from fabricating to shipping.

We fabricate all types of spreader chain for agricultural purposes as well as sand and salt chains.
Below are a few of the chains and fabrication we provide.

-Manure Spreader Chain - Over 1,000 Manure spreader apron combination's.

-We use S, 67H, 67XH, 667X, 667XH, T67 and T-Rod chains 

-Bunk Feeder Chain -Forage Box Aprons (Forage Box Aprons in stock for same, or next day shipment!) 

-Kelly Ryan Feeder wagon chains

-Links / Slats -Mow Conveyor Chain

-NH round baler chain

-Patz steel flighted chain

-Sand / Spreader